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Outsourcing of Data Protection Officer

Outsourcing of Data Protection Officer – Inquire now online: S+P offers outsourcing solutions for the data protection officer. For the establishment of a data protection organization, we assume the following tasks (Outsourcing of Data Protection Officer):

  • Appointment as data protection officer
  • As data protection officer, we monitor the compliance with the DS-GVO and other legal requirements, including the requirements of further privacy policy guidelines of the company.
  • As data protection officer, we advise and inform the management regarding existing data protection obligations and are responsible for communication with supervisory authorities.
  • Selected processes are checked randomly, risk-oriented and at appropriate intervals for their data protection compliance.
  • As data protection officer we take over our tasks without instructions and using the necessary specialist knowledge. We report directly to the management.

You wish a free offer for your outsourcing of the data protection officer. We are happy to help. Inquire now online: Send your request directly to the S & P Team Compliance, Email:

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Outsourcing Data Protection Officer


S+P Team Data Protection – Outsourcing of Data Protection Officer

S+P Team Data Protection provides proactive outsourcing solutions in Germany (Outsourcing of Data Protection Officer).

Achim Schulz has been advising medium-sized companies and banks for 22 years. His areas of expertise include CRR institutes, acquirers, fintech, capital management companies, leasing and factoring companies and medium-sized companies.

He advises companies on the implementation of risk management and compliance systems.


Alexander Schneider has been working for banks, financial service providers, insurance companies and medium-sized companies for more than 20 years.

As a compliance and money laundering officer, Mr. Schneider advises companies on the implementation of data protection compliance standards.


Lawyer Alexander Suck is an experienced expert with a focus on corporate and criminal law. Together with his lawyer team, he advises medium-sized companies on the implementation of data protection obligations. He develops risk mitigation strategies for compliance and AML officers.


Miriam Boglino is a legal advisor to fund companies in London. She advises medium-sized companies on the development of pan-European compliance management systems.


Outsourcing officers – Outsourcing with S+P Outsourcing Solutions.

What outsourcing solutions do we offer?

We offer Outsourcing Solutions for MLRO, Data Protection Officer, Information Security Officer, Compliance Officer or Internal Audit. You can see the scope of the task covered by our S & P Compliance Team directly in the following performance overview.


Ensuring adequate data protection – Outsourcing of Data Protection Officer

To ensure sufficient compliance in data protection, the following 12 compliance obligations must be implemented with Outsourcing of Data Protection Officer:

  1. Awareness: Management must become familiar with the new privacy regulations.
  2. Data Protection Officer: Companies must appoint a Data Protection Officer, if required by law, to publish the order and report it to the Data Protection Inspectorate from 25 May 2018.
  3. Directory of processing activities: Companies must identify and document which personal data they process, where the personal data originate and to whom they are shared.
  4. Legal basis: For all processing of personal data, the legal permission standards must be identified and documented in a company.
  5. Information Security, Privacy by Design, Privacy by Default, Privacy Impact Assessment: Businesses need to extend their existing information security with data privacy risk management and adhere to the principles of privacy by design and privacy by default.
  6. Affected rights: Companies must train and operate procedures for the lawful handling of data subjects.
  7. Request for information: Companies must ensure that they can provide information requests from interested parties in full within the prescribed timeframe.
  8. Contract processing: Companies must have completed the prescribed contracts for order processing and regularly check the data protection compliant service provision.
  9. Privacy Statements: Companies must review existing privacy statements and update them when necessary.
  10. Consent: Companies must organize how they formulate, obtain and archive consents in compliance with data protection.
  11. Data Leakage: Companies must ensure that they have appropriate mechanisms to detect, handle and report data leakage within the 72-hour deadline.
  12. Employee Training: Companies must train their own employees to be able to fulfill their privacy obligations. These training courses must be documented.


S+P Courses in London – Outsourcing of Data Protection Officer

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